We invite you to read the list of the outfitter rules so that your stay is as pleasantly as possible.

Schedules informations

  • For cabins, arrivals are from 2:00 pm and departures before 11:00 am;
  • For camping, arrivals are from 12:00 pm and departures before 3:00 pm;
  • The opening hours of the office are 8:00 am to 10:00 pm;
  • Please note that there will be light in the fish shack and the toilet block until 10:00 pm. After this time, please provide your own lighting because we can turn off the generator at any time after 10:00 pm;
  • From 11:00 pm, it is important to respect your neighbors because some may already sleep, so we ask you to speak more softly and avoid the noise especially if you are outside by the fire.

Accomodation life

  • We remind you that the cabins are non-smoking, please smoke outside and drop your cigarette butts in the garbage safely. We want to maintain a clean area, please do not throw down in the lake or in the bottom of boats;
  • Any breakage or loss of equipment inside the cabins will be under the responsibility of the customer (excessive breakage or stolen object);
  • If you transfer the dishes or other objects of a cabin to another, please bring them back in their respective cabins. If you move the picnic tables, please also bring them back;
  • Water in the cabins and camping is not drinkable, but you can use it for washing, rinsing dishes and showers;
  • If you detect a suspicious smell of propane or monoxide, please notify the staff as soon as possible and do not try to solve the problem yourself;
  • As our equipment operating on propane gas, it is important to leave a window open at all times;
  • Please do not let your cabin lights opened when you are out fishing or out all day;
  • To keep mosquitoes away from the cabin you can burn a mosquito spiral to the bottom of the door at the outside, this will move them away significantly. However, do not spray mosquito product in the nets and doors of the cabins because it burns the outer skin and is not an effective way.

Possession limit and size of fish

The limits and size permitted by law are:

  • 6 walleye, size from 32 to 47 cm
  • 6 pike, no size limit
  • 10 trouts
  • No Brook trout, the catch and release is required

It is forbidden to eviscerate fish inside the cabin or place them on the gallery or picnic table to not spread odors that may attract wildlife. When you return from fishing, please bring your fish directly to the fish shack for this purpose. Thank you to clean your workspace and floor after completing gutting fish.


If you have a pet, at all times it will be in the presence of his master and under surveillance. It is forbidden to leave your pet alone in the cabin and lies down or up on the couch or bed, a cleaning fee may be charged $$$. We will not tolerate abusive and unnecessary barking. So, we ask you to check where he made his business and collect them. Thank you for helping us keep the premises clean. Dangerous animals will not be allowed on the site.


  • If you plan to bring a generator, operating hours are between 9:00 am and 9:00 pm (do not run all day long).

Wastes and recoveries

  • Waste must be placed in the green bins provided for this purpose, in bags only (green bins are next to the garage);
  • If you want to recovery, please refer to the poster that is in your cabin and drop your recovery in the black bin on your gallery;
  • If you do not bring your cans, we encourage you to drop them in the tray provided for this purpose (white tray ‘only cans’ that is on your gallery and on the outfitter site). If you do not bring your bottles (beer), we encourage you to leave them on the gallery in their boxes.


For camping, please clean up your campsite and do not leave waste in the fire pit.

Leave the cabin clean, swept the floor, brushed toilet and no dishes on the counter, fees ($$$) will be charged for the extra work.

If you think leaving before 8:00 am the day of your departure, please bring back the key and give your account of fishing the day before (before 10:00 pm);

If a problem occurs, either for a mechanical engine, propane equipment or other, tell the staff, keep smiling and we will resolve it in good humor!

We wish you a pleasant stay!

Stéphane and Manon, Owners of Matchi-Manitou Lake Outfitters

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